Welcome to our little cook's party page

I feel firstly as a dad, chef and a person with access to the public with my own cookery school, it's huge part of my responsibility to encourage people from young, to not so young, to cook great, healthy food.

No better way to encourage children by holding your very own bespoke children's birthday party.

If you haven't already been to our school, we have secure easy access, fantastic cooking facilities and brilliant, friendly staff and tutors who have massive food knowledge.

Chef Jeffers

Below is a selection of different themed parties which your young ones and friends can enjoy. Each class we provide - healthy drinks, water, all your ingredients and all equipment. The price of classes range depending on how many hours and expense of ingredients.

Note: if doing a bakery type class, it's important you bring along containers to bring home your fab cakes etc. All classes are suitable for ages 8+ only.

Call us on 07709 827 282 to book your party!
Little Italian's Pizza

Little Italians

1½ hour class minimum 10 / maximum 16 kids — suitable for ages 8+

Menu — £30 per child (includes eating your own creations)

  • Breadsticks
  • Pizza

Start your class off by learning how to make your on pizza dough from scratch, watch this prove for an hour in between this hour, you'll make a healthy tomato pizza sauce.

Now you can get creative with your toppings on your pizza and test your food combination skills.

With your friends, you can head to our beautiful dining for a proper grown up Italian dinner party.

Kid's Bake-off Cake

The Great Forestside Bake–Off

2 hour class minimum 10 / maximum 16 kids — suitable for ages 8+

Menu — £35 per child (includes chef’s homemade popcorn chicken)

  • Double chocolate muffins
  • American pancake stack
  • Ultimate smartie cookies

Double chocolate muffins are a favourite at the school. Make these mini cakes with ease and enjoy with friends and family at home.

Your kids will learn the art of fluffy American style griddled pancakes, a breakfast treat.

Then flip over to the oven and bake amazing gooey soft centred giant smarty cookies - learn the secret of how to finish these cookies in style.

Bring a couple of cake or biscuit tins to bring everything home or we can provide boxes at an extra cost £1.50 per person.

Kid's Nice Spices

Spice that's nice or not so spiced

2 hour class minimun 10 / maximum 16 kids — suitable for ages 8+

Menu — £30 per child (includes eating your own creations)

  • Free range chicken goujons
  • Hand cut potato wedges
  • Lightly spiced sea salt dressing
  • Healthy salad & dressing

This class you'll learn how to make the perfect lightly, spiced chicken goujons, delicious chunky potato oven wedges with a special cookery seasoning, which you'll use over and over again on your wedges, chips and roasties. We will also show the kiddies that salads don't need to be boring and dull.

Make a brilliant dressing for your fresh and fruity salad, then head into our dining area to eat your yummy creations.